Combat sports and job of IT.
I will start my blog on a statement that people will disagree. But that is what I believe. We see high rates of stress and depression in IT jobs. Comments like this job takes a toll. But are we correct. Then what about the job of farmer who works in a scorching heat and one rain can take away his entire earning. Or what about the cop standing at that crossing and inhaling dust entire day; eating junk and not having sleep. Or what about the jawan serving our borders at Siachin; where they cannot piss also as that too turns into ice in fraction of seconds. No way we can say we are in bad condition.
We sit in AC offices, eat the best food , travel in AC cabs, get paid well. The mess we are in is created by us. The sheer race of hikes, promotions have turned us into ever demanding machines.
I was too the same but I believe healthy habits change you. The same happened with me via a combat sports boxing (Violent game fought with the most peaceful mind)

Let me share why I think such sports can help us in being great professionals.

1. Sense of equality : The stress today is more because of the competition we have embroiled ourselves. Ten years back we had black and white phones ; now we have smart phones. Which in itself is a great win. But NOPE we now are in business of flaunting the best models the costliest model. So it goes for each and everything . But in a boxing gym when you punch , when you work hard run skip fall it doesn’t matter whether you are wearing a 25 bucks lower or 2500 bucks lower. It does not matter whether you have iphone or not have one. What does matter that time is your mental strength to tolerate the pain and go ahead. This is knowingly or unknowingly leads you to appreciate other things in life like a having bed in night to sleep, having food in night to eat rather than dining at a restaurant. It makes you appreciate of all privileges you have rather than cribbing what you don’t have as the sweat and pain makes you realise what real hardwork is .

2.Never give up attitude. : A normal gym allows you to do 10 reps ,20 reps or on a lazy day even 5 reps. But in a ring you do not have any sort of mercy. Legs are trembling, hands feel like about to be separated from your shoulders yet you not only have to defend but fight back. This is the attitude that helps in real professional life. Every day is not going to be a sunshine, it can be worst but how you come back matters. Either you become alcoholic and try to evade that or you fight back with equal power .

3.Brotherhood and decorum : Today cases of sexual harassment, workplace violence everything is on rise. Despite the fact that we have best sophisticated workplaces. Then why that is going high because of decorum and ethics we are loosing. In case of combat sports you punch a person in ring but never below the belt. You make your opponent bleed but never from the back. And how much you fight inside once out of the ring you are the first one to look on his wellbeing and vice versa. This teaches you brother hood. This teaches you healthy competition. This teaches you gracefully accepting your failure. The most important this no nonsense attitude teaches you to treat the institutions in respectable manner and with proper decorum . Imagine a workplace with all of this. Indeed great place to work .

Now this is totally my personal view but I am sure other form of sports will also induce same behaviour. I hope atleast this provokes us to get fitter, get better and at the end create a wonderful workplace. As healthy mind and healthy body only induces positivity.

Productivity Engineer at Narvar . Data Science enthusiast. Boxer by passion

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