The conventional way of software testing may not be a scalable solution. Hence many companies use A/B testing. But that may cause losses due to less conversion rate of an erroneous version. Hence the usage of Reinforced learning in such cases helps. One of those is the Bandit Algorithm.


Nowadays with lot of data available ML models are being extensively used to enhance the customer experience.
Whether generating a T-shirt design or recommending a dress for an occasion or buying furniture; most of these things are driven using machine learning.

But like normal software products, machine learning models also…

Combat sports and job of IT.
I will start my blog on a statement that people will disagree. But that is what I believe. We see high rates of stress and depression in IT jobs. Comments like this job takes a toll. But are we correct. Then what about the…

Although working for ecommerce companies gave me opportunity to always witness the peak planning and feel the challenge of it. But I think this was the first time when I could actually get a lot of hands-on and much more exposure.

Now I have earlier worked for certain companies which…

Akash Das

Productivity Engineer at Narvar . Data Science enthusiast. Boxer by passion

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